Quick Answer: Can I Use The Same Sirius In 2 Cars?

Once you switch from a trial into a paying subscription, you can combine multiple radios into one account and you may be eligible for a discount on the additional radios.

Can you use Sirius on multiple devices?

Your SiriusXM Internet Radio username and password can be used to access the service on multiple devices as well as your computer; however, you can only log into one location at a time. The application is FREE, and streaming to your mobile device is included in the cost of your SiriusXM Internet Radio subscription.

How many devices can I use with Sirius XM?

Your username and password can be used on more than one device – but only on one device at a time. So chances are, you’ve shared your login with friends or family and it’s currently being used in Can I watch SiriusXM Video/Howard Stern Video on connected home devices?

Does SiriusXM have a family plan?

Yes! Our Family Discount starts at a base price of $10.99 per month if you have an active, full-price plan already on your account. By combining multiple radios into one account, you’ll be more likely to qualify for a Family Discount.

Can I use my dish SiriusXM in my car?

sirius will also gain access to dish network retailers, since those retailers will now be able to offer the dish network-branded sirius satellite radio receiver (dish sr200) as well as the corresponding car kit and antenna. read more on the announcement from the sirius press release.

Can you have Sirius XM in 2 cars?

Subscribing to SiriusXM for More Than One Vehicle. Your other vehicle may already be equipped with satellite radio–in which case you just need to turn it on. You can even add that radio to your existing account (and receive a multi-subscription discount!).

What does Sirius all access include?


All Access is the only package that lets you listen to everything, everywhere.* Get every channel available on your satellite radio, including all of our premium programming. Plus, listen to SiriusXM anywhere with over 160 channels on your computer, and smartphone and tablet with our app.

Does SiriusXM streaming cost extra?

SiriusXM now has a streaming service where you can get Sirius outside of your car for three months for only $1. After the three months, it is only $8 a month. It costs more than a single car but you can listen to it on your phone, which you can bring anywhere.

What devices can stream SiriusXM?

SiriusXM is available on: Connected devices and speakers like Amazon Alexa, Sonos and Bose. Streaming media players including Roku, Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV. Smart TVs from Sony, Samsung, and LG.

How much is a second Sirius subscription?

Multi-subscription discounts start at a base price of $10.99 per month if you have an active, full-price plan already on your account.