Quick Answer: How Do I Download All Of My Music From Amazon?

Download Purchased Music Using the Amazon Music for PC and Mac App

  • Select My Music and click on Songs. Select Purchased or Imported to see all the music you own.
  • Click the download icon next to the song or album.
  • Music you have downloaded is saved by default to an Amazon Music folder on your computer.

How do I download my entire Amazon music library?

To download all music via Amazon Music Player:

  1. Open Amazon Music Player.
  2. Click ‘Your Library’
  3. Click the cloud icon on the left.
  4. Click “Songs”
  5. Press CTRL+A.
  6. Right click on the selected list.
  7. Click “Download”

How do I download music from Amazon to my computer?

Download Amazon Music Through Your Web Browser

  • On the left side of the Amazon Music page, under the My Music section, find the content you intend to download.
  • Place a check mark next to one or more songs that you want to download through your browser and then click the Download button.

How do you transfer music from Amazon to iTunes?

Method 1. Upload Amazon Music Collection to iTunes Library Directly

  1. Open iTunes app on your Mac or PC.
  2. Select “Music” from the main interface of iTunes.
  3. Select “File” – “Add File to Library” from the top menu bar.
  4. Browse to the file or location where you saved your downloaded Amazon Music tracks.

Can Amazon Prime music be downloaded?

Note: Prime Music and Amazon Music Unlimited titles are not available for download to computers. You can download these titles to your compatible mobile device for offline playback. Select the albums or songs you want to download, and then click Download.