What Happened To IJJI?

Can you still play GunZ The Duel?

Talking about official servers, the game is still alive in Latin America and South Korea.

Actually, FreeStyle GunZ is one of the well managed community server.

Even is played by korean GunZ community..

What happened to GunZ?

The closed beta for ijji GunZ ended on November 17, 2006. ijji GunZ subsequently went live on November 29, 2006. … The game was managed on an international gaming portal by ijji games until management shifted to the Aeria Games gaming portal in March 2012.

Is GunZ duel back?

Gunz: The Duel, the very first Gunz is back! The community is new and growing from scratch new users daily, server has already attracted players from across worldwide overseas. has been bought off and sponsored by M2O Gaming Network.

Is GunZ dead?

It unfortunately died a slow death over the years due to negligence from its developers and owners and rampant hacking, but GunZ players often still look back fondly at the game. … There are still private servers to play GunZ on.

How do you use butterfly GunZ?

The correct sequence is Jump>Dash>Slash>Block>Repeat.

What is Kstyle?

K-Style (Korean Style) is an emergent gameplay style that is widely used in all versions of Gunz. Contrary to popular belief, K-Style was coded into Gunz sometime between february 03 and late 03 / early 2004 by Maiet Entertainment (needs reference).

Why did GunZ shut down?

GunZ was doomed to die from the beginning. The only reason GunZ survived to begin with is because the glitches made the mechanics of the game unique. Yet MAIET failed to capitalize in just about every way possible: Too many hackers, slow development, outdated graphics, poor underlying game engine, poor marketing.