What Is The Stupidest Question?

Are there any dumb questions?

According to Carl Sagan, in his 1997 book, The Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark, there are naive questions, tedious questions, ill-phrased questions, questions put after inadequate self-criticism.

But every question is a cry to understand the world..

What questions can u ask a boy?

21 Questions to Ask a Guy21 Questions To Ask A Guy.What are your personal goals? It is one of the best questions to ask a guy. … What kind of childhood did you have? … What makes you insecure? … What do you expect from a love relationship? … Do you want children? … What do you find attractive in a woman? … What expectations do you have of yourself?More items…

Who said the only dumb question is the one not asked?

One of my favorite quotes from the Chinese philosopher, Confucius, suggests that the man who asks a question is a fool for a minute, the man who does not ask is a fool for life.

How do you ask a question without sounding dumb?

10 Rules for Asking Dumb Questions Without Sounding Dumb About B2B TechNever concede dumbness. … Don’t admit ignorance of buzzwords. … Show what you do know. … Get clarity through detail. … Ask more open-ended questions. … Seek out supporting opinions. … Keep the focus on the project. … Ask for feedback (if you must).More items…•May 6, 2020

What is a dumb question?

Dumb questions are simple questions that probe the obvious, and simultaneously challenge and direct our thinking. Dumb questions are not accusatory or argumentative statements in disguise. Nor are they formulated with preconceived answers in mind. Rather, they are probing yet open.

What is the unanswerable question?

If you describe a question as unanswerable, you mean that it has no possible answer or that a particular person cannot possibly answer it. They would ask their mother unanswerable questions. Synonyms: insoluble, unexplainable, unresolvable, unascertainable More Synonyms of unanswerable.

What are the most annoying questions?

The 7 Most Annoying Interview Questions“The 7 Most Annoying #InterviewQuestions” #FridayFunny.“Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” # … “Why do you want to work here?” # … “What’s your greatest weakness?” # … “If you were a superhero, which would you be & why?” # … “What salary do you want?” # … “How many golf balls fit into Wimbledon?” # … “Are you a team player?” #

What questions Cannot be answered?

17 questions that are impossible to answerIf God exists and he (or she) revealed themselves, would people who believe in God actually accept God as God?If the Universe was born at the Big Bang, what existed before then?Why do cats purr?What is the purpose of death?Why do women go through menopause but men do not?What is at the bottom of the ocean?More items…•Aug 14, 2016

What are 10 questions to ask?

100 Getting to Know You QuestionsWho is your hero?If you could live anywhere, where would it be?What is your biggest fear?What is your favorite family vacation?What would you change about yourself if you could?What really makes you angry?What motivates you to work hard?What is your favorite thing about your career?More items…•Dec 31, 2019

Can I ask a dumb question better than anyone I know?

Quotes. Rose Nylund : Can I ask a dumb question? Dorothy Petrillo-Zbornak : Better than anybody I know.

Who asks the stupidest questions in Animal Farm?

MollieIn chapter 2, Mollie asks the stupidest questions out of all the farm animals.

Why do I ask dumb questions?

They may not know that they are asking a ‘stupid’ question. The answer may seem incredibly obvious to the person the question is directed to, but may be completely obscure and new to the asker. They may simply be trying to gain information, perhaps they simply lack information (or common sense).

What are the craziest questions asked on Google?

Here are 20 weird searches:Do cockerels crow when they feel like it?How many toes does a rhinoceros have?Why is your face on your head?Why does cucumber taste like shampoo?What is the average weight of a panda?What is the length of spaghetti?How can I grow taller?More items…•Jun 7, 2018

What questions can never be answered?

What question can you never honestly answer yes to? Are you asleep? (or dead, or conscious, or being silent). Are you asleep? (or dead, or conscious, or being silent).

What are some fun questions to ask?

List of fun questions to askWhat would you name your boat if you had one? … What’s the closest thing to real magic? … Who is the messiest person you know? … What will finally break the internet? … What’s the most useless talent you have? … What would be on the gag reel of your life? … Where is the worst smelling place you’ve been?More items…

What can be annoying?

50 Things You Do Every Day That Annoy Other PeopleUsing your phone while talking to someone. … Not muting your background noise during meetings. … Wearing too much perfume or cologne. … Using all caps. … Putting your bag down on a seat. … Humblebragging. … Not standing to one side on an escalator. … Starting an order with, “Can I get a…?”More items…•Sep 17, 2020

Why do I ask so many questions?

There are many reasons why someone might ask too many questions. For example, the person might be very anxious and need to keep up conversation. Or the person may not have the social etiquette to know when questions begin to feel invasive rather than signaling genuine interest.

What’s the most random question?

Random QuestionsWhen is the last time you experienced nostalgia?What’s the scariest dream you’ve ever had?What’s the weirdest thought you’ve ever had?What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “fidget”?What made-up word would you incorporate into the English language if you could?More items…

What you should never ask a guy?

There are a couple of questions that we ask innocently enough, but from a man’s point of view, they’re quite uncomfortable to answer.14 awkward questions you should avoid asking your guy. … #1 How big is it? … #2 How many women have you slept with? … #3 Do you always have women over at your place? … #4 What are you thinking?More items…